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Installation Instructions

Dana Spicer Housing Spreader
  This installation manual covers the usage of the Yukon housing spreader for Dana Spicer differentials. It covers step by step instructions to safely & easily use the Yukon housing spreader to aid in the installation of a carrier case in Spicer housings.
Hardcore Locking Hub Installation Guide
  Covers the complete installation of the Yukon Hardcore Locking Hubs from start to finish. Includes important safety tips & an exploded view of all components. Covers installation for all Dodge, GM & Ford applications.
M20 1-Piece Axle Kit Instructions
  Important installation tips and guidelines to ensure bearings & seals are installed properly for long life. This step by step guide ensures you’ll get the most out of the 1-piece axle kit in your Jeep CJ5 or CJ7.
Pinion Depth Setting Kit
  Comprehensive guide for the use of a pinion depth setting tool. Includes tips on calibration & the calculations necessary to install a ring & pinion set using a pinion depth setting tool.
Spartan Locker Installation Instructions
  Complete instructions for the installation of a Spartan Locker. This guide covers all the steps involved from securing the vehicle to final assembly and includes critical tips such as not re-using the factory c-clips.
Yukon Installation Kit Instructions
  The most complete installation manual in the market today. This comprehensive 18 page manual includes step by step instructions for the disassembly and reassembly of a differential. Also included is a complete list of technical specifications such as backlash, preload and torque settings.
Yukon YP DBC-01 Install
  Installation manual for the Yukon disc brake conversion kit for Ford 8.8” & Ford 9”. Includes a complete parts list & exploded view, list of required installation tools, and high quality color photos.

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